Our Mission

Ride and have fun, promote responsible motorcycling for HOG members and their guests. We have chapter activities to encourage participation for riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles and create a friendly atmosphere in which all members, regardless of gender, race, age, or political affiliation can live the Harley-Davidson experience.

Chapter History

In October of 1987 Robert "Doc" Eades, approached then owner, Ob Atkinson about sponsoring a HOG chapter. He agreed, and it was formed. There's been many ups and downs since, but we kept going. At one time, there was just a handful of us, meeting in the garage of then director, Chuck Stetson. Our first poker run was in July of 1989, with us, Pete and Bun Smith, in charge of it. (We were new members, and got volunteered) We've had one every year since then. I think we made a little over $1,000 for MDA. It rained the whole day, too!

The only officers we had at first were just a Director and a secretary/treasurer. More were added as needed, later on. How Pete and I joined...... Pete and I bought our first HD's, in 1988. We were considering joining the Chapter, but were unsure about it..... would there be some sort of initiation, like going to NYC for a pack of smokes?? Unsure, we just rode by ourselves until one day were came upon a couple of guys on the side of the road. One of them had a flat tire. Pete had a repair kit in his bike, and we got the guys tire repaired enough so he could get it home, luckily he only lived a few miles up the road.

We were talking to him, and turns out, he was a member of Monadnock HOG. He told us we should join, as it was a great group of people. We decided to join, and have been members ever since (summer of 1988). Wow!! We've been in it for a while!!! We're the only Charter Chapter members left. Doc is still on the books as a member, but we haven't seen or heard from him in many years.